Sales Playbook Development

Develop and deliver a sales playbook that includes actionable sales tactics to ensure that all salespeople have an easy way to access the best plays for any specific selling scenario.

Membrain Implementation

Membrain is a complete Sales Enablement CRM that can replace or plug into your existing CRM and makes it easy to execute on your sales strategy, and enable salespeople to grow with each deal. Membrain equips managers to coach to higher performance and optimize your sales strategy to gain competitive advantage.

It does all of these things by providing the tools to:

  • Identify and guide winning behaviors
  • Reinforce training and best practices
  • Improve sales forecasting
  • Automatically track goals and progress
  • Optimize based on robust win/loss analytics


Sales Skills Assessment

A twenty-minute online assessment where we evaluate the sales skills of a team across ten categories. We have specific assessments for sales development reps (openers), account executives (closers), sales engineers (pre-sales technical resources), and sales managers

Sales M.A.T.H

A guided executive-level quantitative exercise that begins with top-line revenue goals and then examines the health of the sales organization relevant to its ability to meet or exceed targets. We model Metrics (measure the things that matter—OKRs, KPIs), Alignment strategy (revenue simulations to clearly indicate where vulnerabilities exist), Time lines (cadence of review and performance reporting), and Horizons (long view of revenue targets with leading and lagging indicators and milestones).

Sales Enablement Assessment

A study of a company’s current sales enablement ecosystem, challenges, and opportunities, including all departments that directly or indirectly impact revenue.

Triangle Sales Training

Multi-role on-site training for Triangle Selling

Triangle Success Training

Customer success is the key to recurring revenue, and churn can kill growth. Triangle Success training is not just sales training adapted to customer success but, instead, built specifically for those who nurture customer relationships and have responsibility for retention, renewal, and upsell of existing clients and customers.

Triangle Management Training

Frontline sales management fundamentals for Triangle Selling teams to develop accountability, coaching, mentoring, hiring & onboarding, and leadership skills.

Triangle Certification

Rigorous program for managers, sales enablement professionals, and independent consultants to be able to coach, develop curriculum, train, and reinforce Triangle Selling in their own organizations or with their clients.

Triangle S.H.A.R.E. (Demo) Certification

A rigorous program for companies in which product demonstrations are a key step in their sales process. This certification increases conversion rate from the demo stage and creates velocity toward disqualification or closed business.  

Triangle H.I.R.E. Training

Built for managers, H.I.R.E. training certifies those responsible for building sales teams in Hunting for sales talent, Interviewing effectively for selling roles, Rubric development for hiring success, and Evaluation of the candidate. When sales hiring is systematized, measurement and predictability occur

Triangle A.I.M

The Actionable Insights Map augments a sales playbook with the words, phrases, and sentences that a sales team needs to be effective in conversation with their prospect. Fortified with internal knowledge, customer evidence, external analysis, and solution positioning, this product puts relevant sales-ready language at a salesperson’s fingertips.